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Gratitude in Gatlinburg, TN: Weekend Getaway Spotlight

When I think back to the many Thanksgiving suppers I’ve had the privilege of celebrating with my family, I reminisce about the many people who would visit us and of course, the food. My mom has taken on the role of Holiday Host/Cook since I can remember. The days leading up the holiday were filled with cleaning chaos, bustling grocery stores, and every kind of kitchen prep work you can think of. My mom goes all out, and cooks the entire meal herself. She’s part saint, part maniac if you ask me. One year, mom decided to forgo the hoopla and take the family (extended relatives in tow) to the festive town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. While the food was… interesting (delivery from a local Kroger that most likely had too many orders to handle that day), I will always remember that trip. I loved the mountains, the leaves, the excitement of browsing the streets and feeling at home away from home.

While thinking about this blog segment, I thought long and hard about a place that would be worth visiting this time of year amidst the chaos of travel, relatives, and managing meals that anyone can enjoy. There are many wonderful cities and towns across the country that offer all of the autumn coziness one may covet. Gatlinburg stands out in a special way in that it offers activities for the whole family, down home cooking, gorgeous natural wonders, and a true feeling of being “home for the holidays” without being home. 

Aside from a cozy country feeling, Gatlinburg offers much in the ways of accessibility and dietary accommodations. Gatlinburg is a popular vacation destination for those in the Midwest, and often boasts itself as a must-stop destination for snowbirds traveling south for winter. Nearby Pigeon Forge and Sevierville add to the excitement and array of options, with convenient and accessible transportation in between. Below are links and descriptions of some websites to checkout while planning your next Gatlinburg stay.

Check out Curb Free with Cory Lee’s 8 Wheelchair Accessible Things to Do in Gatlinburg

This is a wonderful resource for those with mobility limitations. Cory worked with on this article to bring you the best information available.


Both and offer tips for those with mobility issues for getting around Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Both are great resources to check out when planning your stay. offers an excellent list of allergy friendly restaurants for those with dietary restrictions. In my experience, most places in the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg areas are very accommodating to guests' needs, due to the millions of visitors that come from all walks of life each year. also shares a list of gluten free options for those with gluten allergies and restrictions.

If you are looking for wheelchair accessible cabins in the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg areas, be sure to check out and for a variety of cabins, chalets, and stays.

As always, if you are looking for a planned out, detailed itinerary complete with all of the reservations and need-to-know information ahead of time, let us at The Chronic Concierge plan your next getaway. We work with you to find the perfect accommodations and accessible activities for you and your whole party. 

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