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Weekend Getaway Series: Salem, MA

One of my personal goals when I was first diagnosed with some of my more serious chronic illnesses was to continue (in some capacity) the things that brought me joy. One of those things was travel. I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to do this as a single, disabled female, so I made it my mission to find out. Over the years, I have found that it can be challenging to find specific information that would make travel not only possible, but enjoyable. This is a part of the reason why I started this business. Each month, I will take you somewhere new for a weekend getaway and provide you with information to plan your very best trip.

This month, we are taking you to one of our favorite spooky spots: Salem, MA. Though we are featuring this in October, I should caution you to visit this wonderful town in other months of the year if you are seeking a less crowded, more accessible option. The information below should help you plan, regardless of when you hope to go. These sites and people will provide you with insights on how to make your trip the spookiest yet. Our best advice? Book early, make reservations, and of course- plan ahead!

  1. Old Salem Website - This website is really one of the best I've found for tourism within historic Salem. The access section of the site will give you a wonderful, easy to read graphic that is quick to check as you visit each historic place in Old Salem.

  2. Salem Accessibility Flyer - This is a PDF of the different types of accessibility offerings in and around Salem. If you are disabled and use any sort of mobility or assistive device, this PDF is a great flyer to have on hand.

  3. The Nomad Fitzpatricks - Lots of folks who experience chronic illness and or disability have dietary restrictions and needs. This site is great for those of you who are gluten-free. Salem offers lots of dining options, so if you have a specific need, check out restaurants in advance.

  4. Happy Cow: Salem- Speaking of great food options, Happy Cow discusses how to eat "clean" in Salem. I find that most local restaurants can be pretty accommodating to food needs and preferences. Don't hesitate to ask your server what options are available.

  5. Get Your Guide: Salem - Get Your Guide is a seriously great resource for visiting cities within the US. I love their guide on Salem because they explain accessible tours, provide ratings, and pricing.

As always, if you are looking for someone to plan a custom, detailed trip for you and your group, The Chronic Concierge is here to serve your needs. Reach out to us today!

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